David Houle is considered one of the
pre-eminent futurists in the world today.

As a thinker about the future, corporations and institutions around the world have retained him, due to his high level insights and forecasts about the future. As a speaker he has delivered more than 400 speeches on all six inhabited continents and in twelve countries. He has called this new age “The Shift Age”. Welcome to the future!

01.27.2015  Oil Prices and a New Era of Lower Cost Energy

In the last column here, I forecast that humanity may well have entered a new era of lower cost energy. This could last for just a few years or could become something much more long-term. This is due to a …

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On 12-12-12 I was fortunate enough to be the closing speaker at TEDx Sarasota to present "The Concept of Place Has Changed Forever"


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