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David Houle is a sought after keynote speaker about the future and global trends.He is regarded as one of the foremost futurist speakers in the world today. He has keynoted numerous conferences, spoken to corporate retreats in the U.S. and internationally, and regularly presents to groups of CEOs across North America. He has spoken on all six continents and in 12 countries in the last three years. All speeches deal with mega concepts that provoke audiences to think about the future and what may lie ahead. David very much likes to follow up speeches with extended Q&A and discussions and to act as a catalyst for thinking about the future as it may pertain to a specific group or company.


David Houle has won a “Speaker of the Year” award from Vistage International, the world’s largest CEO organization. He has been called, “the CEOs futurist” “America’s Leading Futurist” and “the emerging futurist in the world today”


Here are brief descriptions of his most popular topics:


“Entering the Shift Age”

This presentation is based on Houle’s widely acclaimed book of the same name, a #1 Amazon best seller in the category of Business Planning and Forecasting. Futurist Houle identifies and explains the new age we have entered. He looks at the three forces of the Shift Age, the Five Contexts of the Shift Age and how they will affect us as individuals, business people and leaders. He takes a look at the future of generations, women, technology, energy, education, IP, big data and other topics and provides the audience with eye opening transformations dead ahead. The Shift Age is one of, if not the most transformative and exciting times in human history. Houle leaves us with suggestions for how to prepare for and adapt to this new age. A big picture presentation that is pertinent for any group or organization. It can be customized for any industry or business sector.

“The New Health Age: the Future of Health Care in America”

Houle’s new book of the same name has been called THE book on the future of health care and health care reform. This presentation provides a large, contextual and conceptual understanding of he huge forces and changes that are and will completely transform the health care and medical landscape in America and around the world in the next ten years. This presentation is based upon the #1 Amazon best seller of the same name. Houle has spoken to and been booked by numerous associations and health care companies, providing them with the vision and understanding of the huge changes that are inevitable. A must presentation for any health care or medical meeting.


“Brand Shift:  The Future of Brands and Marketing”

This new presentation for 2015 takes a high level look at the future of brands and the marketing of brands.  After a quick look back on the history of brands, Houle discusses the waves of technology and then the current and future trends that are rapidly reshaping how brands are marketed.  Not a “how to” presentation but a visionary look into what brands will have to do to thrive in this time of rapid transformation.  This presentation is based upon Houle’s latest co-authored book of the same name that is already creating a buzz as a must read for marketing prognosticators.

“Is Privacy Dead? The Future of Privacy in the Digital Age”

This presentation, based in part on Houle’s eBook of the same name, takes a new look at privacy today and in the future. After a quick look back at the history of privacy, Houle presents why we have lost so much of our privacy in the past decades and years and why those dynamics will continue to eviscerate personal privacy in the future. Incorporating a look at technological innovation, accelerating electronic connectedness, Big Data freedom versus convenience and the loss of the Concept of Place, this is a powerful presentation about one of the most important and topical subjects of our time.

“Shift Ed: A Call to Action for Transforming K-12 Education

This presentation is based upon Houle’s new and already much acclaimed book of the same name. As a futurist involved in education, Houle calls for nothing less than the transformation of K-12 education for the twenty-first century. He frams this transformation in both the history of educaion and the future of this new century and the Shift Age. This presentation has already been praised widely by educators as a needed vision of he future of education.



“As our keynote speaker, David researched our customers and tailored his message to deliver a thought provoking look at the future of health care.”

-Catherine Brew-Cain, Director of Strategic Communications, McKesson Corporation


As the leader of long range planning for my organization, I found David Houle to be a great contributor to our work. He provided deep insights about the future with his ‘ahead of the curve’ thinking.  If you want a context to help you better understand these transformative times, I suggest you engage David Houle

-LoRayne Logan


“Many of the [PCMA] session speakers were worth the trip as well. My favorite was futurist David Houle…a fascinating discussion of the “Shift Age” which Houle describes as the era we are moving into as we leave the Information Age. He as a great message that can help any business person struggling to get a handle on all the change we are inundated with to more clearly understand the direction to go in next.”

– Vince Alonzo, Editor-iin-Chief, Successful Meetings


“Your session alone was worth the entire cost of the meeting! Thank you for a life changing presentation”

– Ray Kopcinski MDRT


“David delivered a thought provoking presentation at our Annual Meeting that gave our members a glimpse of where energy will come from in the future and how these new energy sources will impact residences and businesses. His presentation was professional and captivating and his relaxed style encouraged participation. My only regret is that we ran out of time to answer all the questions. He created quite the buzz!”

– Terri Long, Director of Communications and Meetings, North American Millers’ Association


“David is a marvelous keynote speaker! He launched our three day conference, offering the perfect message and setting the right tone for our program. You can’t go wrong with David Houle.”

– Deborah Tysinski, University Continuing Education Association Regional Conference Chair


“David Houle’s futurist keynote presentation at the 2007 Global Marketing Summit was one of the highlights of the conference. It was timely, informative, educational and highly provocative, pushing us all to reflect on this new transformational landscape, and how this ‘shift’ impacts the way we market our products and services. ”

– Bappa Choudhury, VP Siemens


“I arrived at Mills College to hear futurist David Houle’s keynote address “Leading with Vision” and soon found the evening transformed. It was magical and took on a life of its own. David’s ability to stimulate interactive conversation with the audience generated a level of creative energy in the room that I have never experienced before in this type of setting.”

– Gary Gyorkos, University of California, Santa Cruz