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The Shift Age Newsletter is published 8 times a year and covers current events and how they will shape the business world of tomorrow. Newsletter subscribers get original columns first, get links to interesting videos and blog columns. The Shift Age Newsletter has a high percentage of subscribers who are CEOs, business owners, C-Level executives and business thought leaders, so the focus is content that will help leaders to better lead in these dynamic times.


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Number 41 : Creative Destruction and the New Geo-Political and Economic Landscape

Number 40 : This Spaceship Earth

Number 39 : A Major Transition has Begun

Number 38 : Looking into 2016

Number 37 : 2015 – The Peak Year for Fossil Fuel Use

Number 36 : The Macro Forces that are Behind Slow GDP Growth and Low Inflation in the United States

Number 35 : 2015: So Here We Go.

Number 34 : The First Ever Face the Future Conference

Number 33 : “A Year End Offer to Past Clients”


Number 32 : “Brand Shift: The Future Of Brands and Marketing”


Number 31 :The First Face the Future Conference – Save the Date!


Number 30 : The Collapse of Legacy Thinking


Number 29 : Forecasting


Number 28 : Forecasts


Number 27 : The Face the Future Conference


Number 26 : The Loss of Privacy


Number 25 : Syria May Be a Pivot Point for America


Number 24 : Future Wow!


Number 23 : Newsletter Archive


Number 22 : Thank You!


Number 21 : My New Book!


Number 20 : Entering the Shift Age


Number 19 : Revisiting Some Forecasts


Number 18 : The Supremes Have Performed, Now What?


Number 17 : IP is the Wealth of the Shift Age


Number 16 : The New Health Age


Number 15 : It is a Great Decade to be a Kiwi


Number 14 : 2012




Number 12 : SHIFT ED: A Call to Action for Transforming K-12 Education


Number 11 : Welcome!


Number 10 : Forecasts


Number 9 : The Next Stage of Space Travel


Number 8 : A Future Look at the Gulf Oil Spill


Number 7 : The Transformation Decade


Number 6 : It’s a Reorganizational Recession, Stupid!


Number 5 : Shift Age Trend Research and the Recession


Number 4 : Announcing the Shift Age Trend Report


Number 3 : The New Reality of Connectedness


Number 2 : “Green Shoots?” Not Really.


Number 1 : The Great Recession





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