Welcome to #20 of the Shift Age Newsletter.
In this edition I am excited to share information about my new book and the Agile Publishing Model being used to publish it. Again I would like to welcome the hundreds of new subscribers since the publication of the last newsletter.

"Entering the Shift Age" is my new book and it is now available! It is the best book I have written about the general future of humanity. For those of you who have read my first book "The Shift Age", this new book updates, deepens, validates and provides a much more in-depth look into our collective future. For those of you that did not read "The Shift Age", just start with "Entering the Shift Age".

Humanity has left the Information Age and entered the Shift Age. We have entered perhaps the most transformative time in our history. The speed of change has accelerated so much that it is now environmental. We live in an environment of change. It is a time of great stress between the legacy thinking of the past and the new emerging thinking and reality of the Shift Age.

I have written this book with the intention of providing a clarity for you the reader to understand the Three Forces of the Shift Age, the Five Contexts in which we find ourselves, the reasons for all the change you are now experiencing and finally a view into the future and what it is going to look like. Change is the only constant in the universe. Sometimes change can be upsetting or threatening. I hope this book will give you the deeper understanding and contextual view to become excited about the future and embrace it rather than fear it. In this time of anxiety my hope is that as many people as possible will read "Entering the Shift Age". I am excited that you might read it. Think of it as your road map to the future.

To learn more and possibly pre-order a copy please CLICK HERE.

The publish date for the print version is 1/1/13 and the Ebook and Enhanced Ebook - with video- will be published 1/15/13

As a futurist it has been clear to me that the book publishing industry, as with all other physical content distribution industries would undergo transformation in the Shift Age. It is therefore thrilling to, in collaboration with the visionary people at my publisher Sourcebooks, create what I think will be one of the new models of book publishing in the future.

Step one was to provide the content for free to a community of followers and thinkers, who had a chance to provide feedback. Some of the input was so good and insightful that it made it into the book. Each of the four parts of the book were uploaded individually and in sequence. Where the agility kicked in was during this process. When Part One and Part Two came down and Part Three went up, Parts One and Two were then published as Ebook #1 "Welcome to the Shift Age". At this time I was still writing Part Four!

Then when Part Three came down and the content for Part Four went up Part Three was published as Ebook #2 "The Transformation Decade: 2010-2020". So parts of the book were published as mini-Ebooks even before I had finished writing the entire book. Agile to market and advanced sales of parts of the book in inexpensive Ebook format months before the full book was to be published.

You can now buy 10 of the 12 mini-Ebooks to sample the book, buy just the parts that initially interest you and, if you like what you read, share that with others. For those of you that know my writings or have heard me speak, you will recognize, that to some degree, I am disintermediating the "Book" in a way never done before. Hey, I am a futurist!

Below are the first six mini-Ebooks available for sale right now

"Welcome to the Shift Age" [Entering the Shift Age eBook 1]
This eBook includes the Introduction to the entire book and all of Parts One and Two. This eBook introduces the reader to the concept of The Shift Age and the Three Forces that will drive and define the Shift Age. This is a crucial read for those who haven't read The Shift Age and a perfect, updated and deepened refresher for those who have, to help understand the reasons behind the significant changes we are now experiencing. For more information and to order please CLICK HERE.

"The Transformation Decade: 2010-2020 [Entering the Shift Age eBook 2]
This eBook discusses The Transformation Decade, which spans 2010-2020 and which is and will be one of the most transformative decades in human history. It is the first full decade of The Shift Age, and with it comes amazing changes and trends. This is Part Three of "Entering the Shift Age" in it’s entirety and looks at why this is the first decade of 21st century thought, the collapse of Legacy Thinking and a look at some of the general trends and forecasts for this decade. For more information and to order please CLICK HERE.

"The Five Contexts of the Shift Age" [Entering the Shift Age eBook 3 ]
The true cliche of the Information Age was "content is king". Since 2006 I have been saying that the true cliché of the Shift Age is and will be "context is king". We live in an ever more contextual world. This eBook, which includes the Introduction and the first five chapters of Part Four, looks at the five major contexts that will shape our thinking in the Shift Age. Almost every aspect of human society, culture and economics will be shaped by one or more of these contexts for the next 10-30 years. For more information and to order please CLICK HERE.

"The Shift Age Generations" [ Entering the Shift Age eBook 4]
This eBook takes a quick look at The Shift Age Generations, the Millennials and the Digital Natives, who will shape our creativity and consciousness and lead humanity until 2040, and the stunning impact they will have on our society and culture. For more information and to order please CLICK HERE.

"The Ascendency of Women" [Entering the Shift Age eBook 5 ]
This eBook discusses the Ascendency of Women during the Shift Age. This will be a profound and unprecedented shift of gender roles over the next 20-30 years that will change the past 1,000 years of history. For more information and to order, please CLICK HERE.

"Technology, Energy and Health" [Entering the Shift Age eBook 6 ]
This eBook looks at three of the most significant areas of change in the Shift Age, offering a high-level tour of the major changes and trends in technology, energy, medicine, and health management. A look into the future of three of the most significant areas for humanity. For more information and to order, please CLICK HERE.

I hope you enjoy these eBooks. They will help you move into 2013 with greater understanding about the changes you feel today and will experience in the future.