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As always, welcome to the new subscribers who have signed up or given me your cards after speeches. This is a special edition of the newsletter about "The New Health Age". Many of you pointedly asked to be notified when my book on the future of health care in America was published. It has just been published. Thank you for your interest!

We have entered a new health age in this early part of the 21st century. Humanity and particularly Americans are entering a new time of medical miracles and health care. The thinking, delivery and economics of medicine and health care are changing and these changes will be accelerating in the next few years.

In the United States, the discussion about health care has largely been driven by fear, misinformation and manipulated by politicians. Any discussion driven by these three forces is not an intelligent one. That is why Jonathan Fleece and I have written “The New Health Age: The Future of Health Care in America”. We wanted to write a book that would bring intelligence and understanding to the conversation about the future of health care in America. As the quotes below show, this book is already being called THE book to read to better understand, and feel comfortable about the future landscape of health care in America.

Health care costs are out of control. We have all heard the phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. We have had a health care system that is largely based upon the pound of cure. Prevention is now becoming a dominant theme moving us to an ounce of prevention model.

Health care represents almost 18% of America’s GDP. All of the technology driven innovation we have come to accept in the 80% of the GDP is now coming to health care. Digital records, search, connectivity, convenience, efficiency and the ability to compare performance, all things we now demand in the rest of our lives are now coming to health care. It is almost that simple. The medical profession and health care delivery are now about to catch up to how we expect the rest of the marketplace and economy to operate. Open markets, competition, cost benefit analysis, the power of the free market to both increase quality and drive down costs. All of this is now coming to health care. Health will increase and, after a short transition period, costs will go down. Welcome to the New Health Age!

"The New Health Age offers a succinct primer on how we got here and where we should be taking the health of our nation."
-Mehmet Oz, M.D., Host, The Dr. Oz Show

"The time is now and America is ready. This book lays out an inspirational plan for transforming our collective health that is sure to propel us on an irresistible path of new wealth, prosperity, and happiness."
-Ann Kulze, M.D., Author, Eat Right for Life

"David and Jonathan chart out in this book one of the most important and hopeful national health and policy agendas for the twenty-first century-'The Race to a Healthy America.' Every patriotic American should read this book and join us in the Race! Our future good health and prosperity depend on it. "
-Mark Hyman, M.D., Chairman, The Institute for Functional Medicine, Founder & Medical Director, The UltraWellness Center

"The New Health Age provides a window for America's health care leaders to peer into the future and identify new ways to create high performing health care organizations through high impact, individualized health care products and services."
-William M. Goodyear, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Navigant

"A must-read for physicians as we enter the New Health Age. By providing valuable insight into the future of American health care, it gives doctors the necessary tools to make career-altering decisions."
-Daniel S. Lamar, M.D., a team physician for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"Employee wellness and effective health plan benefit design is what will separate the 'winners from the losers' in corporate America going forward. Read this book and every American business can learn how to fall on the winning side of this race."
-Diane Holder, Executive Vice President at UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences), President of the UPMC Insurance Services Division, and President and CEO of UPMC Health Plan

"Read The New Health Age to gain an understanding of the future of health care in America. A future driven by prevention, data, and home-based health."
-Ron Zwanziger, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Alere, Inc.

"This book represents the best compilation of emerging health care strategies I have seen. It provides a soup-to-nuts description of our historical and future health care delivery models and, more importantly, hope for a system in need of new directions."
-J. Michael Brewer, President, Lockton Benefit Group, Lockton Companies, LLC

We hope that you are interested in becoming knowledgeable about and want to prepare for the amazing changes that are and will occur in just the next three years. The individuals and institutions in the current health care system are either embracing these changes or are risking obsolescence and will soon disappear. CEOs and C-level executives must seize this opportunity to lower health care costs, increase employee health and to help America become healthy again.

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