Welcome to #18 of the Shift Age Newsletter.
Welcome to the hundreds of new subscribers who have signed up since #17 was published! In this issue I comment on the recent Supreme Court ruling on health care, ask you to join a new vision for America, and introduce you to a new web site and newsletter. Enjoy!

With a truly global audience in attendance via all media, the Supremes gave their biggest concert in decades. Delivering a legacy dripping lead solo vocal, Chief Supreme John Roberts gave a defining life performance. In a time of cautious, dumbed down musical performances when the performers never want to lead but just to scare and dumb us down with loud, percussive, distortion reverbing, music, Roberts showed what leadership looks and sounds like.

With four liberal Supremes in back up vocal harmony, Robert’s performance brought the curtain down on one of the more disruptive and stupid discussions of our time. Roberts and the Four Liberals sang us into a new place for health care – The New Health Age.

So, musical metaphors aside, where does the Supreme Court ruling leave us relative to the future of health care in America?

In a place of rapid change, greater health and lower costs long term and a place where we can, if we want, to come together as a country to face our dual crises threatening us- extremely poor fiscal and physical health.

When “The New Health Age: The Future of Health Care in America” was published in January of this year, my co-author, Jonathan Fleece and I both said that regardless of what the Supreme Court ruling would be, health care reform would happen in the country. Most people, being led by those that didn’t know in the media, thought that the future of health care reform was solely determined by what the Supreme Court would say. The two of us were confident that the Court would rule in favor of the ACA law. We had predicted that the ruling would be 6-3 as we knew that Roberts could not let the Court with his name on it be forever more called “the most politically partisan Court in history”. We had thought that Justice Kennedy would sing with Roberts, but obviously got that one wrong. So it was 5-4 and not 6-3 and it is time to move on.

As regular readers of this Newsletter and my blog columns know, the primary reason that Jonathan and I wrote our book was that, over the past few years, the conversation about health care and health care reform has been driven by fear, misinformation and politics and that any conversation with those three drivers has to be a stupid conversation. We felt it time to have a book that could help infuse intelligence into that conversation. It is now time for all of us to start this intelligent discourse and get on with the job of lowering health care costs and increasing the health of all citizens as best we can.

Yes there will still be politicians that will try to win election by creating more fear and ignorance, but we need to stop listening to them. This health care law will not be repealed as the Supremes will not overturn themselves and such a repeal might well take 60+ votes in the Senate, which will not happen until 2015 at the earliest in this politically divided land of ours.

The New Health Age is here. The ACA law was primarily a political and legal acknowledgement of this reality. This futurist has been predicting that by 2015, health care costs will start to decline in America and coincidentally the new focus on wellness and prevention will have a very positive affect on our health. So we are now moving toward improving both the fiscal health of the country and the physical health of the citizens.

Health care is going to be an out of date phrase by 2015. We are now moving into the age of health management.

To your health!

So, as the above column suggests, we have entered the New Health Age. That said, there is a general confusion about what to do as a country and what to do as individuals. Jonathan Fleece and I have come up with The Race to a Healthy America as a mobilizing answer.

As part of the baby boom, I grew up when all Americans had a vision to embrace. Whether we were captured by the magical vision of a man walking on the moon or simply to beat the Russians there we could all rally around this national vision. White, black, rich, poor, republican or democrat, young or old, we all came together around this lofty, almost impossible dream.

Then when the Cold War ended we turned inward, became polarized and lost our way. Why? We have a vision deficit in this country. Those of us who grew up in NASA’s greatest age know what a national vision looks like. Those younger than 40 have not felt this phenomenon. It is now time to create a vision to create to rally around, to share, to build upon.

That vision is The Race to a Healthy America. The vision is to make America the healthiest country in the world by 2025, by any metric. This vision is something everyone can both create and participate in. What are you going to do to participate in the Race to a Healthy America? Start a running program? Lose the extra weight you have been carrying for years? Change your diet? Maybe just go for a 30 minute walk every day by yourself, with a friend or with a child or parent. If all Americans make such decisions we will be all participating in this new vision quest. It can take little or no money, it does not need any special education or training and it is totally inclusive.

So join in the Race to a Healthy America today! Please sign up here.

Please take a look at the videos here Send in a video of yourself and what you are going to do to become part of the Race. Spread the word. Take that first step. Get someone else to join you. If we all do, or even a majority of us do, we will become a self-fulfilling vision of being the healthiest country in the world by 2025.

I have launched a new web site and with it a new newsletter, the Future Wow! Newsletter. If you like this Shift Age Newsletter, you might enjoy this new one as well. It will be more visual and full of video. Please go here to take a look and sign up.