Welcome to #21 of the Shift Age Newsletter! In this edition I am excited to share with you more information on my new book, my new web site and my latest TEDx talk. Hello to all new subscribers!

"Entering the Shift Age" was published as an eBook on January 1, 2013 and in print hardback on January 18, 2013. It is now available in Barnes & Noble bookstores and in some independent bookstores as well. To the right are icons should you want to order on-line from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

The early feedback from readers and journalists has been very positive and both the book and I have been sited in the media relative to several different topics. I have been writing a number of guest columns, some of which you can click on to the right.

It seems that now that we are on 2013, there is an increasing interest in the future and what lies ahead. Now that we know who the U.S. President will be for the next four years, that the world didn't end on 12/22/12 and that Congress will keep kicking the fiscal can down the road, people are starting to look around and look ahead.

We truly have entered a new age, the Shift Age, and it is now becoming ever more apparent that things are really a lot different than they were before the reorganizational recession of 2007-2011 that I had forecast.

As I wrote in one of the guest columns to the right, the future of medicine and augmented reality in the next 5-10 years are simply transformational. There is a growing acceptance that education in America is about to undergo more change in the next 10 years than it has in the last 50 if not 100 years. My CNN.com column listed to the right addresses that topic.

So, things have shifted significantly in the last five years since my first book, "The Shift Age" was published. In "Entering the Shift Age" I update the theses and data from that first book. I write about the trends and changes to expect in this, the Transformation Decade of 2010-2020, and I take a look at the Five Contexts of the Shift Age. These five contexts are the contexts through with, or in which all aspects of the future will be viewed to varying degrees. Finally I take a look at the future in 14 different categories such as education, power, generations, women and technology and provide a higher level look at the changes, discoveries and trends that will reshape them all.

I hope you do choose to read the book. If you do, please let me know what you think. Thank you!

Since the last Shift Age Newsletter, I have launched my completely redesigned web site www.davidhoule.com Even a futurist can let a web site get out of date!

When you do take a look you will notice that everything has been redesigned to provide more information with more video and easier navigation. On the home page is the lead to my latest blog column and two current videos. The two videos up right now are my recent TEDx talk and a video about the Agile Publishing Model, the new publishing model that was used to publish "Entering the Shift Age."

We created a brand new, dynamic page called Forecasts where you can move along a timeline to see the predictions I made and when I made them. As a futurist it is important to be accountable.

There are videos of most of my speeches, many of my television interviews and links to print and on-line articles and interviews. There are descriptive landing pages for my four books and of course a newsletter page where you can access the archives of all past Shift Age Newsletters.

So please take a look! ›

A Special thank you to Dave Abrahamsen of what2design and Ark Rozantal of ReachSmarter for their design, ideas and support with this new web site.