Welcome to #33 of the Shift Age Newsletter Welcome to year-end 2014 and Happy Holidays! This issue is somewhat different from past Newsletters with an offer and some links to recent magazine and newspaper articles I have recently had published. As always a warm welcome to all new newsletter subscribers. 2015 is going to be a VERY interesting year!

In the past seven years I have delivered more than 400 presentations, keynotes and corporate retreats. In the past few months several clients from years past have reached out to book me to come back to their association, group or company in 2015. They have all said that now, 1-5 years later, they would like me to come back. Part of this is due simply to the passage of time. Some have commented that since I have written several books since my speech for them, they would like me to come back with these fresh views into the future.

Since a good percentage of subscribers of this newsletter have come from these clients and their audiences it occurred to me to reach out to all of you with a special year-end offer:

If you would like to book me for 2015 I will speak for the fee paid the last time I spoke for you. In some cases this could be a 50-60% percent savings over my current rates. To take advantage of this offer you must contact me by the end of February 2015, as I may not be able to honor this offer beyond that date due to calendar limitations.

If interested, simply email me at david@davidhoule.com and mention "newsletter offer"

In 2011 my second book "Shift Ed: A Call To Action For Transforming K-12 Education", co-authored with Jeff Thomas Cobb, was published. This led to giving a number of speeches about the future of education both all across the United States and in Australia. It also led to writing a number of columns about the future of education.

To the right is an icon of the cover of the just published quarterly issue of SEEN magazine a 100,000+ circulation magazine serving the Southeastern Region of the US. If you click on the cover icon you will be taken to my cover story column about the future of education technology for K-12 education.

If you are an educator or interested in education you may also be interested in a column I wrote for CNN two years ago.

In the last issue of the Shift Age Newsletter, #32 I wrote my first column about the very real possibility that we have entered a new era of lower energy costs. This extends beyond the oil price collapse.

In a just published featured column in the Business Weekly section of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune I visit this subject again. It builds on the column from the last newsletter. You can read it here:

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It is way too early to truly know if this forecast of a new era of lower cost energy will prove to be true. I do think that it is a real possibility and one that I will closely follow. If true it will have profound affect on all of us in both our business and personal lives. If true it will have a significant effect on both the global economy and the geo-political landscape.