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Houle has won awards, spoken on six continents, 14 countries and has been called both “the CEO’s futurist” and “America’s Leading Futurist”.

Current Speaking Schedule


For the 15 years prior to COVID-19 in 2020 I have kept this an active page as potential clients could see my availability up to six months out.  This is no longer valid as I now present more virtual than in person keynotes. I now have a fully equipped home studio from which I deliver live-stream presentations via high-speed fiber optics.This means that I can deliver more than one presentation in a day based on time and time zone.


The best thing to do is to reach out to me at david@davidhoule.com to inquire as to my availability for your conference or retreat.  IF you want me to speak in person, it is important to reach out to me as far in advance as possible.  My fees for in- person presentations are higher and with travel expenses added on top.  I can provide a virtual keynote at a lower fee as less time is involved, so I can usually work within a client’s budget if there are cost considerations.


This is one of the most disruptive times in human history.  What was is fast fading away, while what will be is not yet fully clear.  There is not a profession, market sector or group that can escape transformative change in the 2020s.  We can all get disoriented with the constant drumbeat of seemingly negative news.  What I provide to companies, associations, corporate retreats and educational institutions is the high-level context to better understand, navigate and succeed in these most disorienting times.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Again please email me at david@davidhoule.com




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