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November 23rd, 2021

The Golden Age of Design and Redesign

The Shift Age is the transition from the reality of the past and the emerging reality that will be in dominance in the 2030s.  The 2020s may well be the last full decade of the Shift Age and is likely to be the single most disruptive decade in history. 

The Agricultural Age, from roughly 8000 B.C. to 1800 A.D. and the Industrial Age, from 1800 to the 1970s shaped how we think, how we define civilization and all aspects of society.  The Information Age from say 1975 to 2005 layered technology onto this reality.  All of humanity lives within all the physical and intellectual realities created from these past ages.  The key word is “past”.

Many of these realities and the thinking that goes with them, are no longer valid for humanity in the 21st century.  The climate crisis, technological intelligence, unmanaged population growth, wealth inequality, governmental gridlock,  and unlivable cities are all from past thinking and designs. 

The past no longer works and the future needs to be more in harmony with the current realities, not prior realities.  That is why we have entered the golden age of design and redesign.

Design professor and visionary James Fathers co-authored this book with me.  It is the third book in the 2020s series of books about the most disruptive decade in history.  Combining James’ design knowledge and vision for this golden age with my futurist view of what is and what will be, this Book 3 of the series is the most in-depth book so far.  Truly all the major issues and problems facing humanity today can only be faced with entirely new, redefined design thinking.

In this book we look at the past failures of design, the leading visionaries of the past that should have been listened to, a look at the greatest designer of all time Leonardo Da Vinci, why we have entered this golden age and the 17 guidelines for Planetary Systemic Design we think are central to the near and long term future for humanity.

Parts of the book will be published here in the weeks ahead. Now however, the eBook version is available for the introductory, promotional price of $2.99 for the rest of this week.  Buy it here. 

Buying the book at this low price will also allow you to write an review on Amazon, as they publish reviews from people who they can validate have bought the book.

Welcome to the Golden Age of Design and Redesign.  It is up to us now.  Not the past.  Not the people who live in the past, not the ideas that used to work but no longer do.  The future flows from the present and it is in the present that we must design civilization anew.

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