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    David Houle is considered one of the pre-eminent futurists in the world today.

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    He has delivered more than 800 speeches on all six continents and in 14 countries. He has also authored seven books about the future.

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    Corporations, institutions and associations around the world have retained him, due to his high level insights and forecasts about the future.

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Quotes From David
  • We have entered the Age of Intelligence and the Age of Climate Change. These two forces will affect humanity more than anything else in the next 20-30 years

  • Tools defined the Agricultural Age. Machines defined the Industrial Age. Technology defined the Information Age. Consciousness will define the Shift Age.


    The Shift Age 2007

  • The 20-year period 2017 – 2037 will be looked back upon as important a historical transit as the beginning of the Industrial Age or the Renaissance. Reality as we know it will completely change.

  • Since the beginning of the Information Age in the early 1970, six dynamics occurred which in the aggregate ushered in the Shift Age: the end of the Cold War, the beginning of the global economy, personal computing, the Internet, high speed wireless connectivity and the move from analog to digital. A new age had to occur.

  • In the middle of the last decade we left the Information Age and entered the Shift Age. This age will last for most of the first third of the 21st century. During the Shift Age the realities of the 20th century will give way to those of the 21st century.

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September 12th, 2017

Houston: You Have Shown Us Our Problem

 “Houston, we have a problem”  – James Lovell, Apollo 13 “Work the problem people, work the problem”  Gene Krause, Mission Control Apollo 13   Hurricane Harvey was a huge disaster.  More than 60 people lost their lives.  There is and will be hundreds of billions of dollars in damages and lost business.  My deepest sympathies […]

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Video Highlights
August 14th, 2017

The Second Half of The Shift Age

We are now entering the second half of the Shift Age, a time of incredible transformation. The Shift Age is basically the transit between what was and what is.

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Testimonials & Clients
  • David Houle is the best conference speaker I have ever heard and I attend a conference a month.


    Diana M. Peterson

    President, AuctionWorks

  • Your session alone was worth the entire cost of the meeting! Thank you for a life changing presentation.


    Ray Kopcinski


  • I have had the good fortune to hear David Houle deliver several keynote speeches. He is the best futurist speaker I have ever heard and I would highly recommend him. He is able to take complex issues and ideas and distill them in a way for any audience to understand and appreciate. Most important, David has the ability to provoke an awakening and questioning, stimulating our thought processes about the future and what kind of future the world and our industries may have. All industry sectors, including the hospitality and tourism industry, can learn and become better prepared for our futures when exposed to David’s presentations.


    Dale Lockett

    President & CEO, Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau

  • It was a pleasure to have you kick off our conference this year. You set the perfect tone that allowed our more industry and technical presenters to hit home on just how our industry is about to change dramatically. I appreciated the prep work and the way you tied your thoughts to our industry. Thanks again for making it one of the best speaker programs we have had.


    Rick McCarten

    Vice President, Electro-Federation Canada

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NREL Corporate Partners


Golden, CO

NREL Corporate Working Group


Chicago, IL

Housewares CHESS Conference


Sarasota, FL

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