Is Privacy Dead?
Is Privacy Dead? The Future of Privacy in the Digital Age

The Future of Privacy
in the Digital Age

Recent and on-going disclosures about NSA surveillance have triggered a new, constant and emotional conversation about privacy.


The general discussion is the simple one of trading off individual privacy for national security. In this short eBook Futurist David Houle provokes the reader to think more deeply about privacy. After first looking at the past and then exploring the present state of privacy, he looks into the future of how we will have to learn to live in a world of dramatically diminished privacy. Houle even offers up a new definition of privacy for the future. This is a book written to trigger a deeper social discussion about privacy and how we might live without it in the years ahead.


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  • Privacy has become a buzzword wrapped in controversy and confusion. David Houle has effectively redefined the issues and shifted the conversation to a higher plane, where debate can be more informed and relevant to the future rather than the past. Houle translates the role of privacy in modern society into terms we can all understand. Every government official, business executive, journalist, parent and anyone concerned about privacy needs to ground their arguments and observations in Houle’s treatise.


    Jack Myers, Media Ecologist

    Author of Hooked Up: A New Generation’s Surprising Take on Sex, Politics and Saving the World

  • David Houle tells is like it’s going to be, which he always does so well as a futurist, in his provocative new book Is Privacy Dead? It’s not only a smart, brief look at the history of privacy and what we thought it means, but also a look at what the new definition of privacy should be in the Shift Age — the world ahead. Privacy is a subject we all have to address, and David Houle points the way realistically and practically.


    Charles Warner

    Goldenson Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri School of Journalism, and blogger at

  • Author of fine books on society’s transformation from the information age to the shift age, futurist David Houle is once again leading from the front with his timely new book on privacy. Houle cleverly charts privacy from a historical perspective that puts the current debate, now at the tipping point, in sharp perspective. Put this book at the top of your reading list.


    Richard J. Noyes

    Center for Advanced Engineering Study, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • David Houle’s new short eBook “Is Privacy Dead?” is a must read about the subject of privacy. He provokes us to consider how we might live in a world of greatly diminished privacy. I highly recommend you read this eBook.


    Shelly Palmer

    Tech Guru and TV Host

  • A seed is planted, a conversation is provoked in David Houle’s latest effort to make us ask the important questions about the future of privacy.


    Susan Nilon

    Host of The Nilon Report







Is Privacy Dead?
– Book by David Houle

Privacy Issues in the Digital Age from Futurist David Houle

David Houle Interview
on Privacy

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