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‘COVID Is The Bike With The Training Wheels For This Decade’ – Florida Matters

The coronavirus pandemic has turned our lives upside down. But how many of these changes will become permanent? On this week’s Florida Matters, we talk with a futurist who says the changes that are coming in the 2020’s will be more transforming than anything we’ve seen in decades.   Listen to full podcast here



Creative Pursuits Podcast Featuring David Houle

David Houle, a renowned futurist, stops by the pod to talk climate change, artificial intelligence, the reinvention of democracy, and why the 2020s will be the most transformational decade in human history.   Listen to full podcast here



David Houle joins Bob Sirott on WGN Radio 720: “2020’s: The Most Disruptive Decade in History”

Futurist David Houle joins Bob Sirott to talk about his first book in a series that will examine the ascendant trends and major disruptions of the 2020’s.   Listen to segment here



David Houle on The Doctor Whisperer Podcast

David Houle – Futurist, Thought Leader, & Speaker.   Listen to segment here  



Shelly Palmer Digital Leadership Podcast Episode #21 – David Houle

We have entered the Shift Age! What does that mean? Listen to Shelly’s chat with David Houle, futurist/thinker/speaker and featured writer for He and Shelly talk about many things, including David’s view of the world we’re in now and where we’re going. Also, David talks about how he dealt with a book industry he knew would change before it did, and the creative way he’s releasing his newest book.   Listen to segment here  


The Golden Age of Design on WSRQ


Spaceship Earth on WSRQ










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David Houle on the Gabe Wisdom Radio Show


The Noon Show with Bob Sirott with 2008-2009 Forecasts
The Noon Show with Bob Sirott

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