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The 2020s: A Decade of Cognitive Dissonance

In this new book, Houle examines the state of being that people are currently in, and the state of the world that will keep them in cognitive dissonance for the remainder of the 2020s. Cognitive dissonance happens when one’s beliefs are no longer in alignment with reality. COVID-19 is the first in a number of disruptions that will force people to live with multiple, discordant realities as they navigate life and work.


This book reviews earlier eras of massive change. Those earlier eras ranged in length from 50 to 75 years. Houle argues that we will experience just as much creative destruction, volatility and disruption in just the next 10 years. This book provides insight into how to minimize stress and strife, and live effectively, during a constant state of cognitive dissonan

The 2020s: A Decade of Cognitive Dissonance

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