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A Futurist’s Warning: Buckle Up for the Most Disruptive Decade Ever

Futurists aspire to identify the fundamental forces shaping the world in order to predict their effects for decades or even centuries to come. It’s quite an ambition and they can’t be timid. As analysts, they must think big as well as profoundly. As seers, they need the moxie to make judgments without the usual “on the one other hand, on the other hand” hedge. And like the sign on the neighborhood church said—”Bible Study on the Prophets Cancelled Due to Unforeseen Circumstances”— their foresight had better leave room for the unexpected.


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November 2018 Billboard: Country In the ‘Shift Age’

When author-futurist David Houle dubbed the current window of time “the Shift Age,” the former Country Radio Seminar keynote speaker recognized that culture had entered a period where digital transformations, exploding populations and dwindling resources would change our perceptions of reality.


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August 2015 Trip to China


Business World

Global People

China Times

Tianjin World Garden




America’s Future in Global Education

In this cover story, Futurist David Houle looks at the dynamics affecting K-12 education today. He puts education into a historical context and discusses the technological and demographic changes that are transforming education.


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