The Shift Age
The Shift Age

The Shift Age is about humanity’s new Era

As the Information Age gives way to the Shift Age, we are entering a time of transformation and change that offers both great risk and incredible opportunity.

Originally published in 2007, David Houle identifies and explains the dynamics and forces that already have reshaped and will continue to reshape our world for the next 20 years. He comments from the front lines of the Shift Age on issues and topics that affect our lives. We have entered the final, global stage of humanity’s cultural, social and economic evolutionary journey: The Shift Age


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  • The Shift Age lifts us out of the rapids of techno-change and helps us see the course of the river we’ve been rafting in


    Howard Bloom

    Author of “The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History”

  • Fills a useful niche between the technical emphasis of Kurzweil and the societal aspects of Toffler


    Dennis Bushnell


  • David Houle’s Shift Age offers an astounding proposition: the Information Age is ending with the emergence of an age of constant change. Read this book!


    Reese Schonfeld

    Co-founder of CNN, CNN Headline News and Food Network

  • Every aspect of our lives is being impacted by the rapid and radical acceleration of technological change. David Houle’s important book “The Shift Age” is a fascinating navigational tool that will help guide you as you speed into a future that even our imaginations cannot adequately prepare us to steer through


    Jack Myers

    Editor and Publisher of

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David Houle has been called “the CEOs futurist, having spoken to or advised more than 4,000 CEOs in the last 15 years.

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