“One individual with one good idea can trump an entire network of thousands who don’t have an idea”


Dan Wieden, Founder Wieden + Kennedy

Futurist, Speaker, Thinker

David Houle is considered a leading thinker about the future.


It is in this capacity that he provides services to institutions. Corporations retain him to advise them on high-level long-term strategy, and to speak at and lead discussions at retreats. Research labs and think tanks have brought him in to help them think more futuristically. He often speaks on behalf of client corporations to their clients and customers as an added value customer benefit.









I have always spoken in person at corporate retreats. I can now speak virtually via broadcast quality live streaming. The choice is yours.


Over the past decade I have participated in some 30 corporate retreats.  10 were Fortune 500 and the rest were small to medium-sized companies with top lines from $10 million to $500 million.  The retreat model has always been in some offsite location with C-level executives.  As the above video indicates I have now added the virtual option my corporate and government retreat and advisory services.  I am providing broadcast quality live streaming for presentations and of course interactive follow-up with any video platform the company or government prefers.


As I wrote in my 2007 book “The Shift Age” there are now two realities in the Shift Age, the screen reality and the physical reality.  The choice is yours.


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Here is a partial list of corporations that have had David speak at a retreat or at a private corporate strategy meeting:


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