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December 13th, 2022


This is my relatively new newsletter.  Since the first week of October,I have been posting all my online writings exclusively to this newsletter.  Many of you probably are free subscribers already as I migrated email addresses from this blog to the newsletter.  If not, then please sign up for a subscription.

Substack has the best publishing tools I have seen.  In addition, their data analytics are so good that I know more about my reading audience than ever before.  I can measure what days are best, what topics are the most popular, and who opens which emails.  Finally, Substack is for writers who want to develop a revenue stream for what they write, and now, that is my goal.

There are three different subscription levels for my newsletter: free, paid, and founding member.  Here is a post that delineates what one receives at each level.  

I truly hope that all of you are or will become subscribers at one of the levels.    

I started this evolutionshift blog on this website in the first quarter of 2006 so almost 17 years ago.  It is perhaps the longest continuously running futurist blog in the world.  Some of you may have been with me for that long and I THANK YOU!  For reading, for sharing, for not getting bored.  Posting blogs on websites was cutting edge in 2006, today that is common.  The new model is a direct, paid subscription, eliminating intrusive advertising.  A direct relationship between the writer and the reader, with no pop-ups or reminders of where you recently surfed online.  In the two months, the newsletter has been live, I have been pleasantly surprised at the generosity of friends and strangers. 

Thank you for following me here, and for so long.  Please now go here to sign-up for a subscription

Happy Holidays!!!

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In times of global uncertainty and disruption it takes a futurist to provide context and understanding.

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