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December 20th, 2009

The Four General Positions of the Climate Change Debate

As someone who writes and speaks about alternative and renewable energy, I often get asked about climate change.  What do I think about it?  What is true?  Who to believe? There is so much noise about it.  The media knows it is an important topic to many and they know that controversy prompts viewership so […]



December 6th, 2009

Ed Sullivan Oprah Winfrey

In the early 1970s, when I was first really getting into jazz, I heard one of those glib statements that stuck with me.  “The history of the jazz trumpet can be written in four words:  Louis Armstrong Miles Davis”  Now this obviously is not true as there have been dozens of great jazz trumpeters, but […]



November 18th, 2009

Twenty Years Ago in Berlin

It was twenty years ago last week that the Berlin wall ceased to be a barrier.  The wall of Berlin came down, starting several years of collapse and turmoil in what used to be called Eastern Europe.  This was one of the most remarkable, deeply moving events in my lifetime My entire life up to […]



November 5th, 2009

“Raise Your Hand if You Love Your Cable Company:”

In the past three months I had delivered around 35 speeches and presentations.  During about 25 of them I have asked the audience the question that is the title of this column (why I will explain later). .Whether it is a confidential gathering of 10-15 CEOs or a hotel ballroom of 400-500 people, when I […]



October 21st, 2009

Magazine Publishers Find They No Longer Live in Kansas.

To many, the absolute collapse of the magazine industry in 2009 may seem stunning.  What is stunning to me is that the industry didn’t see it coming and take steps to avert this collapse.  Once again, another industry can only see a year ahead and thinks that a down year – 2008 – would be […]



October 14th, 2009

Now is the Time for America to Face the Future of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Transportation

“The chances further down the road seem to me better on the fuel-cell side than on the battery-electric side” There are a number of readers of this blog and members of the audiences when I speak that just seem to think that hydrogen fuel cell autos are a pipe dream that has no chance of […]



October 4th, 2009

The Rio Olympics

The Rio Olympics are the first true Shift Age Olympics.  While the Beijing Olympics were the first of this new age, the Rio Olympics were the first selected in the Shift Age.  The Rio Olympics point to the fact that we are not only in the global stage of human evolution, but that the major […]



September 17th, 2009

Japan Finally Follows

The recent election in Japan is extremely significant.  It indicates that the country is beginning to catch up to the rest of the world.  In my book “The Shift Age” and my speech with the same title I speak about the “Threshold Decades”, a 20 year period from 1985-2005 when the developed countries of the […]



September 10th, 2009

How Accurate Were My Forecasts from Last Fall?

As a futurist I write and speak about long term trends.  As an advisor and speaker to CEOs, I am looked to for more short term trends and forecasts.  Last September, when the growing recession went into a global financial meltdown after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, I was constantly being asked about what was […]



August 30th, 2009

Transforming Education for the 21st Century – Part Three

In the last two columns I looked back at the history and development of the American School.  I also wrote about some recent developments that both transformed a school and became the genesis of what is now an on-going process to create the 21st century educational campus for K-12 education.  This column, and future ones, […]



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