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May 6th, 2013

Health City and Dr. Devi Shetty

In my last column here I wrote that I had the pleasure of seeing Health City on a recent trip to Grand Cayman Island.  This is the first hospital in the Western Hemisphere for the great Dr. Devi Shetty, his team and partners.  When completed in 2014, Health City not only will be a lower […]



March 28th, 2013

The Other Education Crisis

Guest Columnist:  Jeff Cobb Did you know that 65 percent of the U.S. workforce of 2020 – a date to which so much planning about the future tends to be pegged – is already outside the reach of our elementary and secondary education schools? Did you also know that for the slice of that 65 […]



March 21st, 2013

The Green Recession Revisited

More than four years ago, in early 2009, I published a column saying that the great recession we had just entered would be a green recession.  In February 2009, in a column titled  “This Great Recession is Actually Green” I wrote: “The view here is that when the U.S. does emerge from this recession in […]



January 1st, 2013

The Coming Transformation in Education

Since the beginning of the Transformation Decade in 2010, I have been saying that education at all levels will undergo transformation by 2020.  The book I wrote with Jeff Cobb, “Shift Ed: A Call to Action for Transforming K-12”, published in early 2011, called for nothing less than transformation.  Reform is an outdated word and […]



November 11th, 2012

A Futurist Looks at the 2012 Election

When the 2012 election returns came in, I was in Sydney Australia.  The view was high level and from afar.  This reminded me of a forecast I had made about a high level forecast of mine from far back in 2007 about the 2012 election.  The specifics of the outcome were, in fact what I […]



September 26th, 2012

Burning Man 2012 – Part One

As noted last week, I made my first trip to Burning Man this year.  It became clear to me about a year ago that I had to go this year.  2012 is obviously a year much about the future so this was finally the year.  Obviously many other people felt that way as well as […]



September 19th, 2012

What I Did Last Summer

This is a flat out apology to all my long time readers and to all of those that have signed up for email notifications in the past two months.  It has been more than two months since my last blog post.  I have never gone more than three weeks and usually post every other week.  […]



July 5th, 2012

2010-2020: Europe’s Transformation Decade – Part Two

In the last column I wrote about the fact that humanity has entered the Transformation Decade and then defined transformation.  I also wrote about Legacy Thinking and how we all tend to live in the present and look ahead to the future through the conceptual filters of the past.  Both concepts were relative to the […]



June 22nd, 2012

2010 – 2020: Europe’s Transformation Decade – Part One

Europe is moving into a time of incredible transformation. The financial and leadership crises in Europe need to be looked at from a historically high level.  The media coverage and commentary concerning the Euro crisis is completely “in the weeds”.  The coverage and discussion of the issues in Europe now are about austerity versus growth, […]



May 27th, 2012

A Futurist’s Personal Technology

I am frequently asked about what technology I carry and use.  This is due in large part because I am a futurist and to many people technology and the future are close to synonymous.  That of course is not wholly true, but certainly understandable as it is technology that seems to trigger the changes in […]



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