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August 8th, 2011

The Phrase “National Leaders” is Oxymoronic

I have stated the above words several hundred times to audiences around the world since my speaking career as a futurist started to take off in 2007. The context of the statement is my general “The Shift Age” presentation, when I say that we have entered the global stage of human evolution. Up through the […]



June 14th, 2011

Water in Space, Water on Earth

I find that the insights I gain relative to the future often come from reading small articles, graphs or photos that are buried deep in periodicals be it in printed or digital form. Amidst all the media coverage of the past few weeks on Weinergate, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and who is or […]



May 15th, 2011

Correctly Forecasting the Price of Oil

In a recent column, I expressed how, as a futurist, I often feel like I live in a déjà vu world. I am called upon to deliver forecasts about the future. I spend much time researching and thinking about trends as well as economic, social and technological dynamics so that when I make the forecast, […]



April 20th, 2011

Earth Century

I have been writing this blog for more than five years. Particularly in the first three years, I wrote a number of columns on energy, peak oil, electric cars, alternative and renewable forms of energy and conservation. I wrote early and often about how humanity, and the United States in particular, would in the future […]



January 31st, 2011

Tunisia: It Has Now Begun

In the past two years, I have given around 200 speeches and presentations. I speak to the reality that humanity is entering a new age – the Shift Age. The last few years have been extremely disruptive, as it is the transition between the Information Age and the Shift Age. I have presented my view […]



December 16th, 2010

The Next Stage of Space Travel

A couple of months ago, I was fortunate enough to be given a hard hat tour of Spaceport America. This is where the next stage of space travel will begin in the next 18 months.  This is where the dream of private citizens flying into space will be realized. Spaceport America is in New Mexico, […]



November 30th, 2010

The Future Shows Up in Our Living Room

[Note:  Most of this column appeared in the recent Shift Age Newsletter #9,  you can access the Archive and sign up for free subscription available here ] Sometimes a new product will come to market that completely alters how we view the world, changing the landscape of possibility and making us see future possibilities. Whether […]



October 27th, 2010

Was This Just Short Term Greed Versus Long Term Thinking or the Early Sound of a Death Rattle?

The Fox – Cablevision stand-off has been cast as a financial stalemate between a content supplier and a distributor.  Fox wants more money for their broadcast stations and Cablevision doesn’t want to pay more. Broadcasters have viewed revenue generated from must carry rules as a now essential revenue stream for their stations since their audiences […]



October 12th, 2010

01/01/10-10/10/10-11/10/10-11/11/10 01/01/11-10/10/11- 11/10/11 – 11/11/11

In the Industrial Age we lived with an economy based upon atoms.  In the Information Age we created an economy based upon bits.  The zeros and ones in the title of this column of course represent the digits upon which the Information Age is based. On 01/01/10 I wrote a column naming the decade 2010-2020 […]



September 26th, 2010

The Fall of Our Discontent

Fall is a time of change and new beginnings. The lazy days of summer become a memory. A new school year is upon us. The calendar marches on toward a new year. In the past few weeks, I have begun what I refer to as my Fall Speaking Tour, during which I am constantly moving […]



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