Entering the Shift Age 05-21-2013

Hi! I’m so excited about my book “Entering the Shift Age.” I think it is the best book I have written about the general future of humanity. People have already called it the road map for the future. It is a book I have written to provide anyone who has anxiety about all the change that’s going on, about what might happen in the future with a road map to better understand why what is happening is happening and where we’re going.

                        “Entering the Shift Age” is an opportunity for you to understand the context so which to look at all the change and to see where in different categories of human endeavor the change will be going.

                        “Entering the Shift Age,” I hope you enjoy it. It’s my best book. Thank you.

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David Houle has been called “the CEOs futurist, having spoken to or advised more than 4,000 CEOs in the last 15 years.

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