The New Health Age 6-4-2013

Hi! I’m futurist David Houle. Thanks for coming here.

                        I am really proud to have co-authored “The New Health Age” with prominent healthcare attorney, Jonathan Fleece.       

                        We believed that we have entered a New Health Age. Everything is in radical change in this New Health Age. In fact, by 2020, we will no longer call it healthcare, we’re going to call it health management because we are moving towards prevention and away from care.

                        Now we all grew up hearing that phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” What we currently, in the United States, have a pound of cure healthcare system. We wait till we get sick, we pay more to get well. We’re going to move evermore towards a preventive health management system which is why it will be called health management by 2020.

                        There are medical miracles. There are all kinds of astounding new things that are happening in the world of medicine today. Between now, 2013, and 2020, the New Health Age will really embrace us all. It will be a time of ever greater health, medical miracles, and health management.

                        Welcome to the New Health Age.



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