Three Forces of the Shift Age 5-8-12

Hi! I’m futurist David Houle and I’m known for having coined the phrase “The Shift Age” because we are in a new age and it is the Shift Age. Now, all ages of humanity have different dynamics or forces that shape them and then define them. In the Shift Age, there are these three forces of the Shift Age. The first is the Flow to Global; the second is the Flow to the Individual; and the third is the Accelerated Electronic Connectedness of the Planet. Now, the Flow to Global, it’s much more than the global economy; everything, all aspects of humanity getting reorganized into a global construct. In fact, we are in the global stage of human evolution. We’ve gone from family to tribe to village to city to city state to nation state, and our only remaining boundaries for now are planetary. We’re in a global stage of human evolution.  The Flow to the Individual has occurred because of the explosion of choice over the last few decades with more choice in every category of endeavor or product than there was before. That means that the power has moved from the producer to the consumer, from the institution to the individual. We as individuals are more powerful than individuals have ever been before.  The third force, the Accelerated Electronic Connectedness of the Planet, is one of the most profound, powerful forces in the history of humanity because we’re getting ever more connected. An example would be cell phone; so 7.1 billion of us in the planet, 5.6 billion of us have a cell phone which means that we can talk to anybody, anywhere. There’s no time, distance or place any longer limiting human communication. We have created this whole neurosphere with the Internet. We are getting ever more connected and we are living in a collective space called cyberspace. The three forces of the Shift Age: the Flow to Global, the Flow to the Individual, and the Accelerated Electronic Connectedness of the Planet are the forces that are reshaping humanity in the Shift Age.

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