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June 14th, 2006

The Political Party in the United States: A Candidate for Disintermediation? Part 2

“The political party, as currently defined in America, feels like an out of date, anachronistic apparatus whose value is in the past, not the present and certainly not something aligned with the future.  If it is to survive, it must reconstitute itself or crumble under its own dead weight.”   -www.evolutionshift.com 5/31/06 When I set aside […]



June 8th, 2006

Human Compassion and the Federal Bureaucracy: Now That’s a Future Story!

I read an interesting article in the New York Times the other day.  The headline was “New Campaign Shows Progress for the Homeless” and the sub-headline quote was “Cost -benefit analysis may be the new expression of compassion”.  OK, lets read this.  A little known, formally dormant, office in the Federal government called the United […]



June 5th, 2006


Earlier this week there was a report on the rapid growth of broadband high-speed internet hook-ups during the last year. The numbers are impressive and speak to the widening demographic and economic base of broadband users. According to a survey from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, broadband adoption increased 59% among households with […]



May 31st, 2006

The Political Party in the United States: A Candidate for Disintermediation?

[Regular readers of this blog have read a lot about recent, current and coming disintermediation.  Whether it be the travel business, stock brokerage, media, real estate or insurance it is clear that in this major historical period of transformation, the Internet has brought about clear disintermediation.  Practically any industry will have some structural change due […]



May 24th, 2006

Science Fiction Deja Vu

Science fiction can be extremely thought provoking, particularly to one who thinks about the future.  There are novels that are fantastical and take place centuries in the future in galaxies ‘far far away’, populated by weird creatures and other worldly landscapes.  Then there are the many novels that are more conceptual, set slightly in the […]



May 18th, 2006

Disintermediation #3 Watching Video, Selling a Home, Buying Insurance – part 2

Yesterday we looked at how Media has been disintermediated and transformed during the past 30 years. Today we look at two industries that are on the threshold of some degree of disintermediation. Using the four part definition of the term , it is clear that real estate and insurance are going to be reorganized from […]



May 17th, 2006

Disintermediation #3 Watching Video, Selling a Home, Buying Insurance

In the last post on disintermediation , I gave a deeper definition and current meaning to the term: 1. Disintermediation is the removal of the intermediary or entity 2. If the intermediary remains in place, it will be drained of any excess compensation 3. Industries that hold information hostage for financial gain will be disintermediated. […]



May 14th, 2006

Part of the Job Description of a Futurist

The “Remember When Gas Was Cheap?”  post on 4/20/06 provoked a lot of response. That post looked back at the rise of gas prices, written from the future perch of 4/20/09. In that futuristic look back to see how gas went from $3.00 in April, 2006 to the $7.33 price in April, 2009, I wrote […]



May 12th, 2006

A Truly Great Question!

“The future, what’s that?” -Belisario, one of a group of hunter-gatherers who left the Columbian jungle to join the modern world This was the “Quotation of the Day” from yesterday’s New York Times.  It was lifted from the remarkable front page article about the Nukak-Maku and that a group of almost 80 of this Stone Age […]



May 11th, 2006

Disintermediation #2: A Deeper Look

[Reader note: in the short life of this blog your feedback has been important. There have been two format suggestions that have been made several times. First, people have said they like the orginal ideas, depth of content and the writing. Second they have said that they often do not have the time to read […]



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