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March 3rd, 2020

Watch “A Leap Year Look at Climate Change”

Last week I wrote about the climate change conference that The Sarasota Institute – A 21st Century Think Tank  was presenting.  Called “A Leap Year Look at Climate Change” it was unique in the sense that in the morning was the 2020 updated reality of what the climate crisis now looks like.  In the afternoon the presentations were on the big ideas to face this crisis, as only big ideas will work.


Well, the conference was a great success.  200 people attended and all the presentations were really well received.  In addition to the people in the audience the event was live-streamed around the world.

Now that live stream has been edited down into a single video, you can watch the symposium anytime you would like in the next few weeks.  Here is how to watch.

Here is the program listed in order of the presentations.



Introduction by Dr. Andrew Swanson, professor at State College of Florida

Institute Introduction by Co-Founder and Managing Director  David Houle

Keynote presentation by planetary ethicist  Tim Rumage

Local panel

Keynote presentation by Professor Harold Wanless global authority on sea level rise

Local panel on sea level rise [note, if you live in Florida, the Wanless presentation and panel are a must watch]



“Moving to a Finite Earth Economy”   Futurist David Houle

“Putting a Price on Carbon”   Climate Activist Mike Shatzkin

“Babcock Ranch: Building a Carbon Neutral Town from the Ground Up”  Syd Kitson – via video

“Bringing Project Based Climate Education into the Classroom” Ashley Hollern

“A Planet of 3 Billion”  Christopher Tucker, Chairman of the American Geographical Society

“Closing Panel on Energy”  Houle/Shatzkin/Rumage/Hollern


Enjoy viewing and of course share with others.

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