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February 15th, 2013

Book Launch Publicity

As regular readers of this column know, my latest book “Entering the Shift Age” was published in January.  The early feedback has been quite positive.  After spending a year writing the book and the 12 mini-eBooks it is very satisfying to get such positive initial feedback.  Though I think it is the best book I have written, it is so nice to have others say the same thing.

First I want to thank all those that have gone to Amazon to purchase the book.  In the past week it has become a best seller, achieving #1 status in the categories of Business Planning and Forecasting, #1 in Future of Computing and #1 in Future of Technology.  There doesn’t seem to be a category anywhere simply called  “The Future”.  In addition it attained an overall sales rank of 912 for all books on Amazon, the highest ranking ever for any of my books.

Second I want to thank all of those of you who have gone into Barnes & Noble in recent weeks to purchase a copy.  Since there is no category about the future in the bricks and mortar world as well, the book gets placed in various subject areas having little to do with the future, so I thank those of you who asked for the book by name.  The book is also available at select independent bookstores as well.

Third, I want to share some of the comments, interviews, guest columns and media appearances from recent weeks.     These links are below.  Thank you to all these people for their interest and support.  Thanks to all of you who have already purchased the book.  I hope you are enjoying it and are feeling better about the bright future and transformative times that are directly ahead.

Coast to Coast AM Having the chance to be on-air with John B. Wells for three hours was thoroughly enjoyable.  Thank you to all the incredible response from listeners of this program. http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2013/02/09

Fox Business Channel An interview with anchor Gerri Willis on the next big bubble in America http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/2132905532001

WBEZ – NPR Chicago An interview with Rick Kogan on his “Afternoon Shift” program: https://soundcloud.com/afternoonshiftwbez/futurist-author-david-houle

CNN.com guest column on the future of education http://schoolsofthought.blogs.cnn.com/tag/david-houle-special-to-cnn/

Investors Business Daily column on Technology and Creativity


Personal Interview with Event Joe with lots of pictures!


Finally, for those of you who have yet to buy the book, here are the links for “Entering the Shift Age”  and for all the mini-eBooks should you want to just sample parts of the book:

“Entering the Shift Age”  http://davidhoule.com/shiftstore/Entering-the-Shift-Age/complete-Book-Entering-the-Shift-Age/complete-Book-Entering-the-Shift-Age.html

Mini-Ebooks: http://davidhoule.com/books/entering-the-shift-age/

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