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June 21st, 2017

New Web Site Design!

By the time you receive this email or in the hours thereafter my new web site will be live. It is a full redesign of the site to update look, navigation, content and emphasis.

As all business owners know and most C-level suite executives should know, it is important to do a thorough update or redesign of the institution’s web site every few years. This will allow you to keep the site up with current design ideas and importantly to make it ever more mobile friendly.

In my case, after 10 years of speaking around the world about the future, and writing seven books, it was time to have this body of work better represented and available.

Please note that I am one of the few, if not only futurists that has posted most of my forecasts on the web site. What I forecast and when I made the forecast. Please check out the new forecast page. It is my statement of accountability to all of you.

So, don’t feel you might have come to the wrong place. Rather a redesigned and updated place to better serve you and stay connected with you.

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In times of global uncertainty and disruption it takes a futurist to provide context and understanding.

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