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March 19th, 2009

Innovative Products

Last week I wrote about being pleasantly surprised by a short speaking tour of Saskatchewan.  In every other place I have visited in the past three months there has been extreme pessimism and concern about this Great Recession of 2008-2010/11.  In last week’s column I described how three different groups of CEOs, business owners and senior company executives were upbeat about the economic prospects in Saskatchewan.  In fact their only concern was that maybe what was negatively affecting the rest of Canada, North America and the world might descend upon them.

I made reference to two companies that had or would soon have patents on very unique products.  One was a supplement company that was close to having the patent on a supplement that, in preliminary tests, seems to lower inflammation at the cellular level in humans, thus slowing the aging process to some degree.  The other company is just in the process of rolling out a patented product that looks like a mouse but is actually a credit card scan that encrypts the personal credit data before it is sent over the Internet.

In addition to a comment posted to last week’s column I received numerous emails from friends and readers asking for the names or web sites of these two companies.  Since these companies had shared their products with me in a confidential environment I felt compelled to ask each CEO for permission to publish their web sites.  In the past couple of days they have given me their approval.

The supplement company is www.bioriginal.com It is primarily a company that supplies large supplement companies or retail chains with high quality products.  I am not exactly sure what the name of the product I mentioned is called but it is in the GLA enhanced product category.  I would communicate with them through their contact page and request information about the product that I have mentioned.  I have been taking four capsules twice a day for the past two weeks, and have noticed a small decline in inflammation in my shoulder, this some 3 months after surgery.

The name of the mouse encryption company is NetSecure Technologies and the product is called Smart Swipe.  The link to an explanation of this potentially transformative product is www.smartswipe.ca .  There is a flash video that explains how this new technology will protect the user from identity theft when buying on-line.  I have yet to use the technology, as I have a prototype of the mouse and am waiting for the new version.  Evidently NetSecure will be installing a significant software upgrade within the week.  The promise of security when purchasing on-line is a large and powerful one in this day of identity theft.  This could be a break-out technology if it adds a level of encrypted technology that protects on-line shoppers.

The two areas of health and technology have been areas of amazing breakthroughs in the past ten years.  The decade of 2010 – 2020 will I think be one of the most transformative decades in the history of health and medicine. Health care will move dramatically to prevention as individual genetic mapping will give individuals probabilities on what may be ahead for them in terms of medical conditions and diseases.  Supplements such as gla enhancers will become much more commonplace as they will be taken by people dealing with or wanting to prevent inflammation at the cellular level.

More than two years ago I wrote a column titled “Technology Advances, Privacy Declines“.  This trend has become widespread in the age of cell phones, social networks and on-line transactions.  We almost accept the risk of our private information being accessed by the way we conveniently use technology.  Products such as Smart Swipe could help all of us become at least a bit more protected in this ever expanding on-line world that is becoming the new reality.  Privacy and convenience at the same time?  What a concept!

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