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March 11th, 2006

It is 24/7/52 not 24/7/365

Every Era has its’ own form of toughness and performance. The Agricultural Age had farmers bragging about being up before dawn, taking care of all the animals and tilling acres of land in a day. The Industrial Age had workers talking about how many overtime hours they worked at the factory. The Information Age is developing its’ own form of ‘talking tough’.

The Internet culture has spawned a new form of macho. Along with the power bragging about needing only 4 hours sleep there is the overused phrease “24/7”. Obviously this phrase came into being during the Internet 1.0 era when it created the “always on” era.

“Our tech support line is 24/7”

“We are available 24/7”

“On-line business is 24/7”

“Our corporate culture is 24/7”

“I am connected 24/7”

“I work 24/7”

Ok, ok, I got it. Your company is fast, adaptable, is always available and you can live on no sleep. Cyber Superman! This is the new hip caffeinated version of macho.

I can live with 24/7 as an occasionally used phrase. I cannot live with 24/7/365.

Write it out: twenty-four hours a day/seven days a week/three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

What? There is a choice here. Either

twenty-four hours a day/three hundred sixty-five days a year – 24/365 or

Twenty-four hours a day/seven days a week/fifty-two weeks a year – 24/7/52

Pick one: 24/365 or 24/7/52 or just stay with 24/7 when beating your chest. But that is what is sounds like, Internet Age chimpanzees thumping their chests as they rapidly say “24/7” “24/7″ 24/7”

OK, rant over, thank you!Š

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