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January 8th, 2007

2007 Predictions Part Two

In my last post I listed four General Trends and Dynamics that would gain power in this New Year.  The third one listed was the about alternative energy and Global Warming.  The fact that we reached a tipping point on this in 2006 will become much clearer this year.  It will be a dominant story, a forceful change in consciousness, a political/security issue, and both an economic issue and an incredible economic opportunity. 

In the first week of the year, while poor Denver continues to get blasted with snow, most of the rest of the country experienced spring weather.  Cherry blossoms in Washington D.C., people running in shorts in New York, and golf courses open for the first time in January.  Twenty years ago, Global Warming was an arcane concept understood only by ardent environmentalists, today it is a personal experience for all of us.  That was the first week of January. 

The second week of January brings us the Detroit Auto Show, the most important auto show in the US.  GM announced that it would launch a unique hybrid car.  Yes, the company accused of ‘killing the electric car’ announced that they would produce the Chevrolet Volt.  In addition they announced they were developing a hybrid plug-in version of the Saturn Vue Green Line. The obvious questions are how fast the automotive behemoth can bring these models to market, in what volume and at what price.  I submit that the survival of GM is in great part dependent on how well, fast and successfully they can not only market these new cars, but also commit to lines of cars that deliver much higher MPG with gasoline. 

What will the third week of January bring?  More stories about conservation, wind energy, solar energy and corporations announcing new products that will help us conserve energy are all likely candidates.  Yes, all this effort is a minuscule part of the US economy but it is starting to feel like something that is truly gaining momentum.  This will be the case all year long.

It is true that those of us who have long sensed the horrible future for us all if nothing is done to largely replace global reliance on petroleum still remain skeptical and live with urgency.  I ask all of you that fit into this category to realize that you have had conversations with people about this who were not even thinking about it even a year or two ago. Companies like Tesla Motors lead the way and giants like GM follow.  We have turned the corner, and we must continue to accelerate the spread of consciousness about all these issues that relate to conservation, alternative energy, lessening our reliance on foreign oil,  We need to embrace and applaud all the companies that are now investing in new ways to power our lives.  I assuredly tell you that another summer of gasoline above $3.00 a gallon will only accelerate this process.

In the year 2015, 2006 will be looked upon as the year of the tipping point regarding global warming and alternative energy.  2007 will viewed as the year we started to change direction and actually begin to take the major and necessary steps to reach where we will be eight years from now.

I will further address, and be accountable for the predictions made in the last post here.

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