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January 15th, 2007

A Quick Update on 2007 Predictions

When I made the post with my 2007 predictions, I wrote that I would revisit the predictions from time to time, both to explore them more deeply or to reference them as events warranted.

One of the specific predictions (#3) I made was that gasoline will climb over $3 a gallon nationally and over $4 in some cities with higher taxes.  This prediction led to my appearance on the First Business television program to comment on energy prices in 2007.  First Business is the highest rated nationally syndicated business program, seen in over 400k households five days a week.  Here is the link to the First Business segment on gasoline prices for 2007 ( please note that I had a horrible cold that day).


One of the reasons First Business had me on the program is that last summer I commented on the future of newspapers and subsequent events and marketplace developments validated my predictions.  I am including this segment as it relates to another specific prediction (#6) that eyeballs and influenced would continue to migrate from older media to the Internet

More on that prediction in the next post.



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