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June 6th, 2008

Future of Energy – Nuclear Power in the Middle East?

The last 50 years of humanity’s mindless consumption of fossil fuels has helped accelerate global warming. The total lack of a cohesive energy policy and program in America has given us $4 a gallon gasoline with $5 and $6 a gallon a practical certainty. There are millions of new riders on our mass transit systems at a time when many of these systems are in crumbling decline due to decades of neglect and total lack of strategic initiatives. Solar and wind power are extremely exciting and coming on line quickly. Globally, and nationally we have backed ourselves into an energy corner.

Nuclear energy is one of the sources that now must be better utilized in the U.S and around the world. Contrary to trailing popular perception, it is a relatively safe energy source. Fewer people have died working at and around nuclear power plants in the last 20 years than have died in coal mining accidents in the last three years. France obtains 50% of its energy from nuclear. Now that we are passing through Peak Oil we have only decades left of petroleum. All energy options must be explored, made safe, and made affordable if we are to avoid the tearing apart of the social, economic and cultural fabric.

When we think of the Middle East we think of petroleum. However, the rulers in that region know that the bonanza they are currently enjoying will be coming to an end by mid century. Even countries in the Middle East are looking to nuclear power for the future of their societies. In my last column I featured a video interview of Ambassador Nabil Fahmy, the Egyptian Ambassador to the U.S. He spoke with anchor Tom Hudson of First Business about the need for the U.S. to rethink its powerful position in this new global age.

Today I want to share Ambassador Fahmy’s thoughts on nuclear energy and in particular how it might exist in the greater Middle Eastern region. Again I must state how impressive, articulate and insightful I find the Ambassador to be. Here is the second part of the interview, on nuclear power.

As we all move forward in the Shift Age, humanity must increasingly work in a coordinated way to create safe new sources of energy. Sound intelligent voices such as Fahmy’s are essential if we are to avoid mass disruption and on-going warming of the planet due to mindless addiction to petroleum.

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