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February 24th, 2010

An Exciting New Place!

This blog is now almost four years old.  Many of you have been loyal readers since 2006 and I deeply appreciate your loyalty and continued support.  There have been many more who have become readers through the years and of course I also appreciate your readership.

Evolutionshift has and will be the place where I take a “future look at today” regardless of topic.  There are many developments, stories and breakthroughs that are worthy of comment here as they reflect where we are and where we are going.  There are few subjects I have not touched upon here and that will continue to be the case.  Energy, connectivity, technology, the media, politics, economics, the Shift Age, the Transformation Decade; all topics that have been discussed here and will be for the coming years.

While I continue on with this blog, I now have an exciting new place where I will also be sharing my thoughts and visions of the future.  I am now a featured contributor at Oprah.com.  This of course is very exciting!

The columns I write for Oprah.com will be different and unique to that web site as the audience is different and of course much larger.  Since they will be different columns than found here, I urge you to also join me there and to join in the conversation that occurs with each column.  The simple link to take you to Oprah.com is www.oprah.com/davidhoule Please make sure when you visit to post a comment and to share your thoughts.  Of course, please continue to do so here too.

Oprah believes that we should each live our best life and has certainly shown us ways to do so.  Since all of us will spend the rest of our lives in the future that is where we will create our respective best lives.  In this Transformation Decade living one’s best life will necessitate a lot of change, shift and of course transformation.

Please also join me at www.oprah.com/davidhoule

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