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June 27th, 2010

Some Recent Columns at Oprah.com

Many of you have been loyal readers of this blog for years and to all of you I loudly say thank you!  As many of you may know, about four months ago I became a featured contributor on Oprah.com writing a column every other week.  In fact, since I started to write that column it is clear that a lot of the new email subscribers to this blog are readers from www.oprah.com/davidhoule .

The columns I write there are different in subject, tone and address issues not covered here.  I would like to use this column to direct you to some of the columns you might find of interest.  To those new readers from Oprah.com I thank you in advance for your patience as you may have read some or all of these columns before.  If not, here is a chance to catch up on what you missed.

The Future of Shopping In this column I take a look at shopping past present and future.  For those of you that enjoyed my columns on Dubai, I discuss how the future of shopping can be seen there.

Your Kids Are Different …. And It’s OK!  Part One As parents we realize how different our kids are from us, how the landscape in which they have grown up is so different from the landscape of our childhood and youth.  In this column I take a look at the Millennial generation.

Your Kids Are Different….And It’s OK!  Part Two.  Here I look at the incredibly fascinating Digital Natives, the first generation in human history to be born into the new digital realm.

Are Our Digital Habits Making Us Dumber? Recently there has been a lot of discussion about whether all our new connectivity and the digital devices we use have shortened our attention spans and are making us dumb.  Through the lens of history I take a completely counter view and suggest that new transformative technologies have always caused changes in thinking and behavior.

As many of you have posted comments to this blog I invite you to sign up and join in the conversation at www.oprah.com/davidhoule

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