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August 25th, 2010

A Video Update on Past Columns

In a recent television interview I touched on some points that regular readers will realize have been forecasts I have made in this column over the past couple of years. Over a short but wide ranging interview with Chicago Fox News Anchor Bob Sirott  I touched on forecasts previously made about thrift being the new cool,  the scarring of the consumer, a lack of inflation, high unemployment and the future of e-books.

It is my job as a futurist to provoke you to think about the future and to be as accurate as possible with my forecasts.  These are the two things it is my responsibility to do.  I hope that from time to time you find yourself thinking about the future in new ways when reading this column.  Of course I take pride in my accuracy as it validates your time spent here.

I hope you enjoy this interview.  Bob and I enjoyed the conversation enough that we plan on sitting down again in the future

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