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January 26th, 2021

Thank you!

Thank you to readers who purchased my latest book, a mini-eBook.  “2021 A Look Ahead: Acceleration/Collapse/Rebound” has, for the past few days, been ranked #1 as an Amazon “Hot New Releases” in the category of  Business Planning and Forecasting.

This book takes a look into this new year with the deeper context of macro-trends of the decade and the on-going issues of 2020.  It is very important to understand the deeper dynamics of all the disruptions and massive changes underway.  Forecasts and predictions alone are just that: a wait and see game.  This book provides the reader with forecasts and predictions, but explains why they will happen within the deeper context decade-long dynamics.


The last chapter of this short book addresses the concept of Leadership for this new year and the years ahead.  If you are leading an organization, learn the best way to lead in volatile and uncertain times.  Leaders will succeed brilliantly or fail miserably depending  on how they adapt to the disruptions ahead.


By the way, being a short, 30 page book, it is priced at $.99, or less than your daily newspaper.  I priced it at this level to make it a no-risk purchase.  To those who have already bought it, thank you for making it a trending #1 seller!

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In times of global uncertainty and disruption it takes a futurist to provide context and understanding.

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