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May 24th, 2021

A Decade of Cognitive Dissonance Column 2

In an earlier column here I introduced both the concept of cognitive dissonance and my latest book about it.  When I wrote that column, I had just published the eBook version of the book for the promotional price of $2.99.  I did this to allow followers and readers of mine an opportunity to get the new book at a low price.  In addition, a purchase of any book from Amazon allows people to post a review of the book on the Amazon book page.

Well, in the first few weeks, this book was the second fastest selling book I have ever had on Amazon.  Hundreds of people bought it and already 16 people have reviewed it with glowing reviews.  Thank you!!   [hundreds is not a big number compared to the hundreds of thousands for blockbuster books but with no real promotion and marketing, I am happy].

Several people have suggested to me that one of the reasons that it has sold well so far, is that I have given a name to what people are feeling.  What their state is.  What is so unusual about this time that we are all suffering cognitive dissonance.  I think that might be true.

I think that this book is perhaps the most  immediately useful book I have written as a futurist.  It contains a description of our collective and individual states and provides both reasons why and suggestions on how to live with it.  The 2020s will be a decade of constant cognitive dissonance and, as one reviewer wrote, it is a “guide-book” for the decade.


Now, a month later, the paperback version of the book is now available. You can find it here.

To hopefully provide motivation for you to purchase “The 2020s: A Decade of Cognitive Dissonance” in paperback format, here are some reviews from early readers of the eBook:

“To say the least, 2020 was a disruptive year that arguably changed us forever. David helps us look ahead to the decade of the 2020’s, the decade of “cognitive dissonance”, and he helps us see through the fog preparing us for the massive amount of change headed our way. If you want a guide-book, read this.”

 “A must read if you are concerned at all about the state of the world and how to engage in ‘good change’.”

“For years David Houle has been talking about what the future holds, especially regarding climate change and the upheavals it’s causing in our world. And he’s usually been right. This book is a great, short, hard-hitting read that gives us some insight on how to think about what the future will hold for us. It rings true because it’s already underway: Houle talks about the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic as an example of how disruptive the world is becoming and how it’s changed our patterns of thinking. Everyone trying to make sense of the world in 2021 should read this book. Highly recommended.”

 “Very insightful book that outlines and defines what we are going through. It is extremely helpful to learn about cognitive dissonance, why it is happening, and how to operate successfully within it. “


 This book encourages us to be open to a future decade that will challenge our attitudes and belief systems. David Houle’s insights of the future will take you from Cognitive Dissonance to Cognitive Consonance – showing a path to harmony of what the future could bring to help you adapt and build your future in the face of the Abnormal 20s that could become the Soaring 20s if put into practice.” 


 It is always pleasing to read reviews from people, particularly people I don’t know.  I apologize to any reader of this column that thinks it is overly promotional.  It is, because this book feels to be of immediate great use and of course that makes me feel great!

Next column I will start some excerpts from the book to share with you as you cautiously, tentatively and excitedly emerge from the 15 months of COVID-19 isolation and disruption.

Thank you for allowing me to be a proud author!


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