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September 28th, 2017

Technology Just Is.

 I am often queried after speeches or in discussions about certain technologies that might be “good” or “bad”.  My position has always been that technology is neither, it just is.  It is how humans use it that is good or bad.  [The obvious exception is technology specifically designed to kill humans such as weapons of war]. My interest has always been how technology changes human behavior, economics and society.  Electricity is perhaps the greatest technological revolution of the last 200 years as it completely altered how we live.  Computers have changed our lives.  The Internet has changed our lives.  Connecting them both created the digital world we live in.  Of course that has now led to hacking which is bad, but that is human behavior.

This is now a very important topic with the coming of Machine Learning.  We can use it to positively humanize the global economy and evolve to a new definition of how we live, or it can be used to disrupt and terrorize us.  So technology is not the issue, human conduct is.

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In times of global uncertainty and disruption it takes a futurist to provide context and understanding.

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