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October 18th, 2017

The Age of Disruption

We now live in the Age of Disruption.  We now live in the Age of Transformation.

Please stop using the word Innovation.  It is a 1990s word.  Everywhere I go, all the conferences and trade shows I speak at, the word innovation is on everyone’s lips.  “We provide innovative solutions to….”  “We are an innovative company”  “We help companies innovate their….”

Stop!  If everything is innovative, nothing is.  If everything is awesome, nothing is.

In this Age of Disruption, innovative change is now only iterative change.  Innovation is the minimum standard today.  Why be comfortable or brag about changing minimally?  The iPhone disrupted the mobile device industry.  AirBnB disrupted the hotel and lodging industry.  Uber disrupted the taxi and auto industry.  These three examples are not innovations, they are disruptions and transformations.  They changed consumer and customer behavior.

If you run a business, the present and future question to ask yourself is not what innovations you can implement but what might disrupt your business or business model?

The next 20 years will have more disruption, transformation and shift than any 50 year period in history.  The Age of Disruption is upon us.

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In times of global uncertainty and disruption it takes a futurist to provide context and understanding.

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