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December 1st, 2008

America’s Automotive Future Goes Beyond the Big Three

The discussion about bailing out the Big Three has been couched in terms that imply that the Big Three represent the complete future of the automotive business in the U.S.  As I have suggested, if they are to be bailed out they should be given money based upon measurable metrics.  I have also suggested that […]



September 21st, 2007

Leading Scientists and Thinkers on Energy – Thomas F. Valone

In this eighth installment of our on-going series of interviews with some of the leading thinkers and scientists on the subject of energy, we interview Dr. Thomas Valone. Facing and solving the multiple issues concerning energy is the single most pressing problem that we face as a species. There is a lot of media coverage […]



July 17th, 2007

The Compressed Air Car

It is important to realize that the way we power our vehicles today is based on the legacy of energy discoveries of the 1800s.  Oil was first taken out of the ground in Pennsylvania in the 1860s.  When the automobile industry came into being some four decades later, petroleum was the first candidate for the […]



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