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June 3rd, 2008

A New Futurist Channel on YouTube

Regular readers of this column may have noticed that in the past two months I have gone to a once a week posting.  That has in part been due to weeks of non-stop travel, speaking engagements and book signings.  I now find myself  being able to sit at my writing table for a whole week. A wonderful feeling! As a result, I will be posting some shorter columns over the next two weeks, addressing a backlog of topics that I have wanted to write about.  Those of you that have let me know you appreciate the slightly longer thought pieces, don’t worry, I will come back to those soon.  

A couple of weeks ago I launched a YouTube channel.  For at least the past year, people have been suggesting that I do video blogs or vlogs.  Since YouTube has become the place for videos, it made sense to create a channel there.  The idea is to create short videos that deal quickly with a single topic. Short attention span theater. Currently there are nine videos up, and I will be adding one or two a week.  The first group of videos relate to the themes that I speak about to audiences around the country and have written about in my new book “The Shift Age”.  While the subjects I write about here at Evolution Shift are usually topical, I want the videos to have a somewhat longer life so the subject matter is about this new age we are entering.

The link to the channel is http://youtube.com/Evolutionshift .  There are places for comments so please do post your thoughts if you like, as I always enjoy your comments.  You can also click to subscribe so you will be notified when new videos get uploaded. For the record my friends at the award winning TeamWorks Media shot the videos and the channel was created by my friends at Tough Customer, an emerging interactive marketing force in the independent music space.  If you like what you see, thanks goes to these two companies.   These videos can also be sourced by just typing in my name at the YouTube home page.  A slight variation of these videos can also be viewed at www.theshiftage.com

Evolution Shift will continue to be the home of the written word.

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