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October 4th, 2017

The Age of Intelligence

Today the words Artificial Intelligence are widely used to describe the growth of intelligence that is non-human.  This will ultimately go away as a meaningful phrase.  Frustrated by the over simplified discussion about AI – robotic overlords, machines versus humans- I looked up the word “intelligence” in several dictionaries.  In no definition of intelligence could I find the word “human”.  Logical when you think about dolphins, whales and other intelligent mammals.

I then looked up the word “artificial” and it was basically defined as “man-made”  Well, yes, we made computers and created algorithms, but now computers are learning on their own. So the real phrase to use is “machine learning”.

I think that the underlying reason that we use the phrase Artificial Intelligence is that we are the first iteration of humanity to have to psychologically adapt to cohabiting the planet with an equal or superior intelligence. A true fundamental redefinition of being human. So we put it in a box to separate it and hold it at a distance.

So, I think future historians will look back and say that 2017-2037 [arbitrary dates to some degree] was the Age of Intelligence.


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