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October 31st, 2017

A Possible Financial Disruption in the Next Two Years

[Note: much of this column was recently published in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune] I am not a financial adviser nor an economist. I do not offer investment advice. I am instead very happy to be a futurist whose value is to forecast the future accurately up to five years out and directionally 10 to 15 years […]



October 26th, 2017

Humanity’s Psychological Disruption Relative to Artificial Intelligence

We humans that are alive now are the first iteration of humanity to have to psychologically adapt to sharing the planet with an equal or superior intelligence.  We have always thought, accepted or “known” that our species is the most intelligent on earth.  To some degree and certainly increasing in the years ahead, that is […]



October 24th, 2017

State of the Future 19.0

The Millennium Project’s latest report – the State of the Future 19.0- has recently been published.  This publication is one of the few that looks broadly at the present and future of humanity. As a futurist, I find it has always provided a wider scope of analysis about the present issues than most other reports […]



October 18th, 2017

The Age of Disruption

We now live in the Age of Disruption.  We now live in the Age of Transformation. Please stop using the word Innovation.  It is a 1990s word.  Everywhere I go, all the conferences and trade shows I speak at, the word innovation is on everyone’s lips.  “We provide innovative solutions to….”  “We are an innovative […]



October 12th, 2017

The Physical Reality and the Screen Reality

During the last 10 years I have consistently spoken about the two realities we live in; the physical reality and the screen reality.  The physical reality is of course based upon atoms and the screen reality is based upon digits.  During this time it has become clear that the screen reality morphs more quickly than […]



October 9th, 2017

Health Care for the American Democracy

Note:  This first appeared on The Sarasota Institute web site, a new entity launched a few months ago.  It is being reprinted here for two reasons.  First, the readership of this 11 year old blog is far larger than that of the new TSI.  Second, I am hoping that if you do enjoy deeper thought […]



October 4th, 2017

The Age of Intelligence

Today the words Artificial Intelligence are widely used to describe the growth of intelligence that is non-human.  This will ultimately go away as a meaningful phrase.  Frustrated by the over simplified discussion about AI – robotic overlords, machines versus humans- I looked up the word “intelligence” in several dictionaries.  In no definition of intelligence could […]



October 3rd, 2017

Rebuild Puerto Rico for the 21st Century

Rebuild Puerto Rico for the 21st Century

The damage to Puerto Rica from Hurricane Maria is tragic and catastrophic. The first step of course is to save lives and get food, water and medical attention to all citizens. Once the humanitarian stage is fully taking place then the thinking turns to rebuilding the island, since the devastation to housing and the infrastructure is significant.

As written in my prior two columns in this space, the recent hurricanes have shown the vulnerability of 20th century infrastructure and the thinking behind it to be no longer valid. Rebuilding is the opportunity to work with a new vision of the reality of climate change and renewable energy. Puerto Rico is a perfect place to do this. The island is small, with three plus million population with one sixth the population of Florida and half the population of Houston.



September 28th, 2017

Technology Just Is.

 I am often queried after speeches or in discussions about certain technologies that might be “good” or “bad”.  My position has always been that technology is neither, it just is.  It is how humans use it that is good or bad.  [The obvious exception is technology specifically designed to kill humans such as weapons of […]



September 26th, 2017

Harvey and Irma Show the Future is Now

  [Note: a significant amount of this column appeared on 9/25 in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. I live in Sarasota FL so there is a Florida emphasis here. ] These two hurricanes have dominated the news cycles for the past few weeks. Initially, there was hyperventilating weather and news coverage. Where will landfall be? When will […]



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